Rotax EVO Engine Package

Rotax EVO Engine Package

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Details of the new Rotax EVO package include:

New Dellorto VHSB34 XS carburetor
The XS carburetor is a completely redesigned system, which offers a significantly improved throttle response and requires less need to adjust calibration under changing conditions.

Customer benefits:
  • Supports ease of use of the whole engine package improve driving experience.
  • Less support of carburetor experts needed to get appropriate carburetion.
  • Lower cost of operation.

New Dellorto ignition system

To integrate the electronic timing for the exhaust valve into the ignition system, a new system (Dellorto) with separate ignition coil (same for all engines) and a specific electronic box for each engine, has been developed.

The ignition timing of the 125 Micro MAX evo, 125 Mini MAX evo, and 125 MAX evo engines remain the same as the current engines; therefore, these 3 engines use the same Dellorto electronic box.

The ignition timing of the 125 Junior MAX evo engine has been changed to improve the engine characteristic in the rpm range from 12.000 to 14.000 rpm.

The ignition timing of the 125 MAX DD2 evo engine has been changed to minimize the risk of misfiring at critical engine operation.

Customer benefits:
  • Improved engine characteristic for 125 Junior MAX evo ease of use
  • Reduced risk of misfiring for 125 MAX DD2 evo increased durability.
  • Integrated timing for exhaust valve for 125 MAX evo and 125 MAX DD2.

Electronic timed exhaust valve
Electronic timed exhaust valve with exact timing, independent from engine.
Two different switch points can be selected to allow adaption to individual driving preferences.

Customer benefits:
  • Automatically and exact timing of exhaust valve for 125 MAX evo and 125 MAX DD2 evo.
  • Less technical assistance required for proper function of the system lower cost of operation.

New battery holder unit with integrated combination-switch (OFF/ON/START)

Customer benefits:
  •  Easy to install and operate.
  • Improved durability of combination of OFF/ON/START-switch and starter relay
  • Lower cost of operation

New exhaust systems (125 Mini MAX evo, 125 Junior MAX evo, 125 MAX evo and 125 MAX DD2 evo)
New design with separate tuned pipe and silencer, which provides improved durability, lower noise emissions and slightly lower weight.

Customer benefits:
  • Increased durability lower cost of operation.
  • Lower noise emissions.
  • Slightly lower weight compared to current exhaust system.

New exhaust sockets with gasket ring
New system provides accurate sealing between the exhaust socket and the exhaust system, which is essential for the proper performance of the engine.

Customer benefits:
  • No leaking between exhaust socket and exhaust system clean.
  • Proper engine performance.

New piston
The changed profile of the piston enables a reduced running in period and provides at the same time a reduced wear rate.

Customer benefits:
  • Shorter running in period.
  • Lower wear rate lower cost of operation.

New connecting rod
New hardening procedure enables a new lightweight design with two lubrication slots.

Improved lubrication and lower weight result in improved durability.

Customer benefits:
  • Improved durability lower operating cost.

Optimized crankshaft
Sliding seats for the main bearings provide a free turning crankshaft right at the first start of the engine.

Customer benefits:
  • No need to free-up new engines lower cost of operation.
  • Optimum engine performance out of the box.

Engine appearance
Black coating of crankcases and gearbox covers as well as red coating of the cylinder head cover support the racing look of the engine package.

Customer benefits:
  • New appearance supports the racing image of the product.