About Us

Why did I start Kartspeed Motorsports?

Kart Racing is the purest form of Road Racing on four wheels. Period. Nothing else compares. No better drivers, no higher level of competition until you reach F-1.

OK, that’s enough…please go look at the rest of our website and enjoy.

For those of you that are still reading, I did the whole kart thing backwards. I began in full size cars, climbing the Formula “ABC” ladder. Beginning at the lowest level for that time, Formula Vee, I slowly learned the sport and moved up the ladder. The cars were sexy. As the budget grew, so did wings, then diffusers, then larger wings and more efficient diffusers, then came carbon tubs and paddle shifters. Oh boy, I was on top of the world. Over the coming years, numerous race wins & even lap records were to follow. I must be pretty good, I thought to myself. No formal driver training. Never attended one of the many excellent formula cars drivers’ schools. Just got out of my daily driver and went racing on a minimalist budget.

Fast forward several years of wings and ground effects and I come to hang out with another competitor who kept prodding me to drive a go-kart. What? Why would I want to drive that little thing when I am in a super cool Formula Car? 

The prodding continued as did his on track speed in his car, so I eventually said I would try karting. I went out, bought a used kart and went to my first club race. For those outside karting, club racing is the lower levels of the sport. Amateurs start here, and if they are good and have the budget, they often move into Regional Kart Racing and then possibly National Level Karting (professional level drivers for the most part…just not paid as you would be in a car. When you read about F-1 and other top-level drivers racing in karts in between their paid ride, this level is where they race). So, I was at the bottom, the ‘beginner” level of karts.

I entered my first race and had plans of doing quite well, if not very well due to all my car racing experience. How did I do? I got my butt kicked…and good. Out of a 28-kart field I finished 15th. We all react to challenges in different ways. For me, I was just floored. I had found a place where the driving level was extremely high. A dominating road racer just got pushed aside by a bunch of people no one ever heard of, racing in some heat-soaked god for saken kart track located in what seemed like the desert.

OK, I am in…as in all in…within a year I had sold my race car and began trying to figure this kart racing thing out.

It’s been more than a couple years since that first kart race, and I have been lucky enough to race with the likes of both F-1 and NASCAR drivers. I have raced in two other countries; Brazil and Italy. I have met with some of the very top-level people in both karting and in F-1…and all due to the fact that I am a Karter…. not because I am a ‘car’ racer.  I had absolutely found the sport for me!

That is why I quit my much higher paying corporate job and work for comparable peanuts in this world of karting. This sport is just bad ass!

Buy a kart, whether it's from me or elsewhere. Its the best addiction on the planet!