2023 Kart Republic KR1 KZ Shifter Kart
2023 Kart Republic KR1 KZ Shifter Kart
2023 Kart Republic KR1 KZ Shifter Kart
2023 Kart Republic KR1 KZ Shifter Kart
2023 Kart Republic KR1 KZ Shifter Kart
2023 Kart Republic KR1 KZ Shifter Kart
2023 Kart Republic KR1 KZ Shifter Kart
2023 Kart Republic KR1 KZ Shifter Kart
2023 Kart Republic KR1 KZ Shifter Kart

2023 Kart Republic KR1 KZ Shifter Kart

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2023 Kart Republic KR1 KZ Shifter Kart
-Ages 15 years old and up-

Chassis Type: 2023 Kart Republic KR1 Shifter Kart. 32mm tubing with a 1050mm wheelbase. This Shifter Chassis accepts all 125cc Shifter engine packages.
Engine Packages available: We have brand new Vortex ROK Shifter Engine Packages available! For any other 125 shifter engine package, please contact us for availability.
Chassis Applications: 
The KR1 has proven to be one of the most successful karts in recent history. Just look at National Level WSK and FIA Race Results, KR1's are dominating the podium!
 You must fit a racing kart so contact us to get fitted to the Jecko factory racing seat that is best for you! We have sizes to fit kids through adults weighing up to 190lbs. For larger people, we do have Tillet Racing seats fitting drivers up t o 260lbs! (Larger than factory seats available at extra charge)

Axle Size: KR 50mm racing axle comes standard with three support bearings.
Brakes:  One of the best among all the shifter kart manufactures. Brakes are hydraulic self-adjusting CIK FIA homologated AP RACE 06, in front and rear. Rear brake rotor is 180 x 18 mm, front brake rotors are 150 x 13 mm or 151,5 x 10 mm in diameter, all made of Cast Iron and ventilated.
Wheels: All our 2023 Kart Republic Karts come with Magnesium Oxytech Wheels- 210mm and 130mm.
Bodywork: KRs come with white bodywork, the new aerodynamic streamlined Eurostar Dynamica which is among the lightest available in the market and finished off with the factory KR graphics kit.

Price: This karts list for $5,750.00 brand new, un-assembled roller (no engine, no running gear, no cooling system, no tires included at this price). You assemble and save or we can assemble the kart to rolling configuration or complete with your a variety of shifter engine and radiator packages (for additional cost).

Kartspeed Motorsports is here to put you in an Kart Republic Kart, so call us to find the best pricing available on these awesome sprint racing machines!


How much does a complete new 2022 Kart fit with new Vortex ROK Shifter Engine Package Cost?

$5,750 for the chassis as its delivered to us in the box, un-assembled.

$3,995 for the current spec Vortex ROK Shifter Engine package, un-assembled.

$5,000 for a Honda CR125 engine package-assembled. Blueprinting additional cost.

$5,500 for a TM KZ R1- Base engine package. Prices for Swedetech blueprinted race spec TM R1- $8,000

$495.00- AF aluminum radiator is suggested. Shifter radiator prices have a range from $500 all the way past $1,500 for the entire cooling systems (Radiator, hoses, water pump and clamps)- so contact us for your cooling needs...ie Texas Hot or Alaska Cold or somewhere in between!

$235 for a set of new Levanto Racing Slicks

$225 Chain, gearing, control cables, seat struts if required, tie wraps, misc. fasteners required, etc.

$599 MyChron 5s Basic Data System or $699 for MyChron 2t Data System (Optional).

So if you assemble the kart, you have your pricing above! If you need a price for a different engine package or other special equipment, please contact us for specific pricing. 


If you prefer to have Kartspeed Motorsports professionally assemble your kart, just let us know. This includes complete chassis and engine package assembly, alignment, bleeding brake system, seat fitting per size and weight and engine choice and test run in the shop. We charge by the hour for the assembly cost. Just let us know which engine package, seat, chain, gear, data combination you need and we can provide the timing and thus final pricing for assembly.  


-Not Local? No problem. We ship karts and parts world wide! Shipping rates vary but typically we can ship a single kart for $350 anywhere within the US. For specific pricing for you, just contact us.

What is Kart Republic?

Formed in 2017 by Dino Chiesa, Kart Republic has quickly evolved to the top performing kart brand in the world. It has dominated podiums on the international level since its inception. It soon moved onto American soil, capturing its debut victory at the most competitive North American event, the Las Vegas SKUSA Supernationals (1st - X30 Senior - Lorenzo Travisanutto - Nov. 2018). The brand has since scored a multitude of victories to solidify its position at the top of the competitive kart racing.

Kart Republic was born from a long process of technological implementation. One of the first priorities is to be able to ensure the highest innovation and modernity, for drivers safety and performances. The process leading to the creation of a Kart Republic chassis is divided into several stages; the study of proper scientific applications, the best most innovative software for technical and mechanical design, the quality control, the test on track and racing, all to ensure winning performance. This promise is maintained thanks to the skill of the engineers and thanks to the advanced equipment at their disposal.