2022 OTK Tony Karts for sale with One Race ONLY!
2022 OTK Tony Karts for sale with One Race ONLY!
2022 OTK Tony Karts for sale with One Race ONLY!
2022 OTK Tony Karts for sale with One Race ONLY!
2022 OTK Tony Karts for sale with One Race ONLY!

2022 OTK Tony Karts for sale with One Race ONLY!

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2022 OTK 401 RR OK Tony Kart
Single Speed Chassis ready for a variety of engine packages
-Recommended ages 14yrs old and up-

Chassis Type: Only one race event old, these are 2022 Tony Kart Racer 401RR OK Single Speed Chrome Moly Steel 30mm tubing with a 1045mm wheelbase.

We have a limited number of Pre-Owned Tony Kart 401RR Single Speed chassis available at a huge savings! But we only have 5 left! So if you think this is the kart for you, act fast!

All of these karts will come with all the Factory OTK parts and gear, just as if you were purchasing a brand new version. 
Chassis Applications: 
The Tony Chassis will fit a wide variety of engines including the IAME X-30, Vortex ROK GP, Rotax FR125, Any of the 100cc engine package, as well as the 4 cycle Briggs and Stratton LO 206 engines.
 Tony Karts come with OTK factory fiberglass racing seats to fit kids through adults weighing up to 180lbs. For larger people, we do have brand new Fiberglass Racing seats fitting drivers up to 250lbs (available at additional cost).

Axle Size: OTK 50mm racing axle comes standard.
Brakes: OTK Factory newest BSD brake system
Wheels: OTK MXJ Magnesium Wheels.
Bodywork: 2022 OTK karts come with the updated 2022 OTK bodywork and the factory 2022 OTK Kart graphics kit as well. 

Special Features:  Karts will come with a data bracket and a brand new Tony Kart Sticker Kit!
Price: $4,700.00 for the complete Tony Kart roller, including a new graphics kit and data bracket. To secure one of these karts a 50% non refundable deposit is required.  Check out our other listing for those wanting a complete Tony Kart 401RR with a IAME X-30 one race engine for only $7,250!

So to secure your one race Tony Kart, place a deposit of $2,375.00 and then pay the remaining balance at time of pick up, or if we are shipping the kart, the balance + shipping will be due before the departure of the kart.

We have photos of our brand new 2022 assembled Tony 401RR Rollers for a look at the karts. These are NOT the photos of the karts after the race. This is simply one of the brand new karts we have assembled.

For Comparison, a brand new 2022 Tony Kart 401RR lists for $5,712.12 and then require assembly!  

To be clear, $2,375.00 is a 50% deposit. The full amount of the kart purchase is $4,700.00. The website is set up to take the deposit amount only. Final amount including shipping is required before any kart will be shipped or picked up at our shop. We follow this process since typically the karts sell out before the race event thus deposits gaurantee you will receive one of these low time chassis. Due to the limited supply all sales are non-refundable.


We ship nationwide and well as internationally! Mexico and Canada purchases are welcome. We handle the shipping for those country's. The customer is required to secure the customs broker for border crossing paperwork and fees.

*We ship door to door (business or residence) worldwide! For international shipments, please contact us directly by email or phone for the shipping cost.

National Shipping (within the U.S.) to the East Coast please add $385.00 to the cost of the kart

National Shipping to the West Coast-Please add $355.00 to the cost of the kart

**Deposits are non-refundable. Since we are guaranteeing each customer one of the limited numbers of karts with a deposit, that removes that kart from public sale and thus stops another customer from purchasing.