2023 OTK 401 RR OK Single Speed (TaG) Chassis. Tony Kart, Kosmic Kart, Exprit Kart and FA Racing Kart Chassis.

2023 OTK 401 RR OK Single Speed (TaG) Chassis. Tony Kart, Kosmic Kart, Exprit Kart and FA Racing Kart Chassis.

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2023 OTK 401 RR OK Tony Kart

Single Speed Chassis ready for a variety of engine packages
-Recommended ages 14yrs old and up-

Chassis Type: 2022 Tony Kart Racer 401RR OK Single Speed Chrome Moly Steel 30mm tubing with a 1045mm wheelbase

NOTE: OTK karts come in the following colors: Green, Light blue, Dark blue, purple, red, gunmetal and orange. Please note due to the supply chain issues of 2022, many colors will not be available. OTK Dealers often have no choice in color options when ordering any of the chassis. Dealers often receive whichever color is available, without any option to order a specific color. This applies to all OTK karts, be it Micro, Cadet, OK, 4 stroke or Shifter. So until that changes, color "choice" is often not a choice at all, rather accepting what is available at time of order.

ENGINE: This brand new OTK Tony Kart, Kosmic, Exprit or FA roller is designed for a variety of engines, so please contact us with specific application questions, to suit your needs. The engine package shown in this photo is a Vortex Package with OTK Radiator (not included in roller pricing)
Single Speed or Direct Drive Engine Packages available: We have brand new Vortex ROK, Iame X-30, Rotax & Rotax 125cc TaG Engine Packages available! For the 4 cycle fans, we also have the Briggs & Stratton LO206 engines available! (Please see our 2019 STVK kart for a chassis designed specifically for the 4 cycle engine packages)
Chassis Applications: 
The Tony Racer has proven to be one of the most successful Single Speed Sprint Racing Karts in recent history. Think we are saying this sell you a kart? Just look at any National Level Race Results...they speak for themselves!
 Tony Karts come with OTK factory fiberglass racing seats to fit kids through adults weighing up to 190lbs. For larger people, we do have Racing seats fitting drivers up to 260lbs (available at additional cost).

Axle Size: OTK 50mm racing axle comes standard.
Brakes: OTK Factory newest BSD brake system
Wheels: Tony's come with OTK MXJ Magnesium Wheels.
Bodywork: OTK karts come with the updated aerodynamic OTK bodywork and the factory OTK Kart graphics kit as well. 

Special Features:  All 2022 OTK Karts come with the soft grip steering wheels, aluminum anti-vibration stay for the driver fairing bracket, updated floor pan and floor pan mounts and updated graphic kits!
Price: This karts list for $5,712.12 brand new, un-assembled roller. 
Kartspeed Motorsports is here to put you in an OTK Kart, so call us to find the best pricing available on this awesome sprint racing machines!