2019 GFC GT14 KZ Shifter
2019 GFC GT14 KZ Shifter
2019 GFC GT14 KZ Shifter
2019 GFC GT14 KZ Shifter
2019 GFC GT14 KZ Shifter
2019 GFC GT14 KZ Shifter
2019 GFC GT14 KZ Shifter
2019 GFC GT14 KZ Shifter

2019 GFC GT14 KZ Shifter

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2019 GFC GT14 KZ Shifter-

SOLD-05.19.20-Sorry this GFC found a new home. If you are looking for something similar, please let us know about incoming inventory!
Shifter Chassis for all 125cc Shifter engine packages
-Ages 15 years old and up-

Chassis Type: 2019 GFC GT14 KZ Shifter- 32mm tubing, 7 races from new ( 10-11hrs time estimated on this chassis)
ENGINE: This kart is currently in “roller” state…meaning rolling chassis minus all driveline components. If you have your engine package, we can sell you this as roller, or if you want this GFC as a complete kart, then just talk to us about your Gearbox requirements…Vortex 125 ROK Engine, IAME Shifter Engine or Honda CR125 power.
Engine Packages available: We have brand new Vortex ROK and Iame Shifter Engines available.
Chassis Applications: 
This is a chassis for gearbox engine applications. Not sure what that means? Time to contact us for for help!
 Used karts need to come with a seat to fit you! These are not one size fits all like indoor karts! Kartspeed offers Fiberglass racing seats available free of charge to fit kids through adults weighing up to 190lbs. For larger people, we do have Tillet Racing seats fitting drivers up to 260lbs! (Larger than factory seats available at extra charge based on type of seat selected)
Axle Size: GFC 50mm racing axle.
Brakes: Factory 2019 GFC shifter brake system.
Wheels: All 2019 GFCs come with Magnesium Wheels.
Bodywork: 2019 GFC bodywork with factory GFC graphics

Price: $2,500.00 -roller only, no engine or radiator at this price.

(We included a photo showing what a completed GFC shifter kart fit with Vortex ROK Shifter engine package would look like. Price for a complete track ready GFC will depend on the engine and radiator package you choose.)

Kartspeed Motorsports is here to put you in a sprint racing kart, so call us to find the best pricing available on these awesome racing machines!