2015 CRG Road Rebel Shifter
2015 CRG Road Rebel Shifter
2015 CRG Road Rebel Shifter
2015 CRG Road Rebel Shifter

2015 CRG Road Rebel Shifter

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2015 CRG Road Rebel 125 Shifter Kart Rolling Chassis

Chassis Type: 2015 CRG Road Rebel Shifter Roller 32mm- approximately 10hrs  on this chassis.
Applications: This CRG 32mm tube chassis is designed for 125cc shifter engines. These chassis are built specifically for your 125cc KZ (shifter) 6 speed shifter engine packages. Chassis will accommodate all current model shifter engine packages including Vortex ROK Shifter, Iame Super Shifter, Honda CR125 and Honda CR250cc engine packages.
Engine: We are advertising this kart as it sits, a roller, no engine. If you would like us to complete the kart with engine and radiator, just let us know! Final cost depends on the engine kit  and radiator package you choose
Bodywork: NA 2 in Black with CRG Graphics
Brake System: VEN05 Ceramic Brakes front and rear.
Axle: 50mm rear axle
Wheels: Factory CRG Magnesium Wheels-black
Seat: Kartspeed Motorsports used Karts come with fiberglass racing seats to fit the new owner. Want a custom seat? We are a Dealer for Tillet, IMAF and KG Racing Seats. We have un-padded, 1/4-pad and fully padded versions are available in sizes kid small through XXXL which fits drivers up to 280lbs!!
Special Features: Adjustable Front spindles, adjustable ride height, Sniper front end geometry allows for separate castor and camber positioning, CRG Factory graphics, magnesium heel stop, adjustable bump shifter and aluminum and magnesium components throughout.
Price: $2,395.00 OBO-We can finish this kart off with either a Vortex ROK Shifter engine (43hp), IAME Shifter (49hp) or a Honda CR125 (36hp). Please inquire as to cost for each.

*We ship door to door (business or residence) worldwide! Please contact us for shipping quote to your location.