2005 GP6 Shifter Kart
2005 GP6 Shifter Kart
2005 GP6 Shifter Kart
2005 GP6 Shifter Kart
2005 GP6 Shifter Kart
2005 GP6 Shifter Kart
2005 GP6 Shifter Kart
2005 GP6 Shifter Kart

2005 GP6 Shifter Kart

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2005 GP6 Shifter Kart with TM KZ

15years old and up!

Chassis Type: 2005 GP6 Shifter chassis- 32mm
Applications: This GP6 32mm tube chassis is designed for 125cc shifter engines.
Engine: TM Racing K9C. This is a 125cc two stroke water cooled, 6 speed sprint kart racing engine developing approx 44hp. This one looks to be stock. 
Bodywork: KG Stilo in Blue with factory GP Racing Graphics
Brake System: GP factory 2000-up brake system.

Radiator: Aluminum radiator.

Seat: Ribtech Seat

Axle: 50mm GP rear axle
Wheels: Aluminum

Special Features: Adjustable Front spindles, adjustable ride height, 4-position front end geometry allows for castor and camber positioning. AIM steering wheel with MyChron 42t data system for lap times, RPM, EGT, etc!
Price: $2,595.00

NOTES: For those customers looking for an inexpensive Shifter Kart, here it is! The GP chassis were very successful shifters back in their day. The KZ engines are the fastest of the sprint racing engine group. 

Seats: Kartspeed Motorsports used Karts come with fiberglass racing seats to fit the new owner. For Adults we stock OTK sizes #1 thru #4 so that means approximately 120lbs through 180lb adults. For kids we stock the OTK micro seat, & Junior sizes 1 & 2 (Approx. 50lbs-110lbs). Want (or need) a custom seat or larger size? We are a Dealer for Tillet, and IMAF Racing Seats. We have versions available in sizes kid small through XXXL which fits drivers up to 240lbs!! There will be extra costs for the larger than stock seat and seat fitting.


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