The newest color for OTK.....the EOS chassis for 2020!!!

EOS Racing Kart, the newest offering in OTK Kart Group

The OTK Kart Group is proud to announce the launch of its new chassis brand: EOS RACING KART.

The new EOS (pronounced Eee-ohs)will be available from the mini through the KZ models! So from kids to adults, all can enjoy this new chassis color from OTK.

With the end of the OTK FA Kart line, the future of the light blue OTK chassis was in question. But with the announcement from OTK that the EOS will be born, the customer preferring the light blue chassis and associated graphics scheme can worry no more!

The brand joins the Tony Kart (green), Kosmic Kart (Purple), Exprit Kart (Orange) and Redspeed Kart (Red) to make a total of 5 colors of the famous OTK brand kart available. Chassis design and manufacture are all identical.Unlike other brands that off one or two colors at most, OTK is one of the few sprint kart manufacturers providing a color choice when you buy your kart! 

For the adult chassis, they will be available in the 30mm and 32mm tube sizes.

The EOS will be available as a 30mm chassis, the EMR and a 32mm chassis the EMK.

All chassis are suitable for the OK, KZ and Rotax DD2 classes.

The Rookie will be the name of the Mini chassis (shared with the Tony Kart, Kosmic, Exprit and Redspeed Karts) designed for the popular 60cc racing class.