Monday, May 30, 2016
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New Pre-Owned Inventory List  
New List of Pre-Owned Sprint Racing Karts
Tony, Kosmic, FA, Exprit, Sodi, CRG and more!

We have a few new additions coming to the shop soon. Here is a short list. Details and photos will be available as we get to each shipment. If you are interested in any of the particular karts, just contact us and we can arrange to get you the details sooner!

Posted 01.31.16

Briggs & Stratton LO 206 customers-Read this!   Newest Pre-Owned and new Briggs & Stratton 206 Karts!
Kartspeed has several new and used 206 packages available soon so we wanted to let you know!

Brand New Karts
2016 Tony Racer 206!!. These are dedicated 4 cycle chassis from Tony Kart! Nice! With Tony Karts winning the majority of the local 206 series and doing equally well around the country, we now have a Briggs & Stratton 206 dedicated chassis offering! Comes with the same great 401 Racer chassis, but with a moveable engine side seat strut and 40mm axle. Same great brakes and awesome OTK quality! Priced at just $3,695.00 for the complete roller (minus running gear) or complete with brand new Briggs 206 engine package for $4,695.00, this is a winner!

Pre-Owned Karts
On the used side we have a two race old 2015 Birel AM29Y available as a roller, or complete. You choose. This kart has approximately 4 hrs from brand new (2 race weekends only!). $2,500 as a roller or $3,500 complete with brand new Briggs & Stratton 206!

At Kartspeed we fit a seat to match each customers size, we create a custom manual with all the important items to use your kart and film a video of the kart here in our shop before we box it up for shipping. 

*We ship karts both Nationally and Internationally. Call us for a shipping quote. Are shipping rates are some of the lowest available due to the high volume of new and used karts we deliver to all parts of the world. Checkout the shipping details by clicking on the button on the home page.

2015 Supernationals-KZ2-American Inspiration   *2015 Supernationals KZ2 Shifter*
Where you there? Did you miss the race? Want to remember what we all just saw? Take a quick read below..inspiration for all of us

But what made this race even greater for Gary was that in the 3rd and final heat, Gary was involved in a big accident in turn one, resulting in his hand being crushed by another kart. Gary stumbled off the track in the pit-out lane, holding his dangling left arm, obviously in severe pain. After several minutes, he slouched over with his head down. Where is the medical team???!!! Another KZ2 driver, also involved in the wreck, Paolo De Conto, came to his aid and got the attention of the SKUSA trackside crew. Gary was ushered off in the ambulance for a check over by the medical team. He came back with a bandage around his forearm and wrist and a warning that he may have some fractured bones in the injured left hand. Game over right? Gary is done for this year’s main events (remember he is driving in two classes, not just one).  

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Thank you for visiting the Kartspeed Motorsports Website! You have arrived at your destination for all your Sprint Racing Kart needs. Friendly service, great prices, expert advice and a reliable way to get the right Racing Kart or part you need at the right price, when you need it. 

What’s new for Kartspeed Motorsports in 2015?
As our business grows and evolves we continually try and find ways to better help our customers. So each new year provides a chance for us to reflect on things we did right and things we did wrong. Usually there are check marks in both columns! What we found is the biggest area customers need our help is with information. Sprint Karting Racing is one of many niche’ sports that struggle to find a place in the vast network of fun hobbies as well as professional level sports here in the United States. But what that means is there are not a great many dedicated sprint racing kart shops in America. Many are run as part-time or side businesses. While there is nothing wrong with having a kart business on the side, it may limit the ability of customers to get the answers they need, when they need them.

But what about the Internet? There must be information there! Everything else is on-line.

Many topics have so much information on-line, one would take a lifetime or more just to sift through all the available articles to read. Think of anything medically related, for example. We could never read all the available information on-line. But with sprint kart racing, that is not the case. Is there kart information out there in cyber-space, yes. Is it helpful to new customers entering the sport? Not always.

Karting can’t be that different than motocross bikes, sport bikes or ATV’s, right?

Unlike Motorcycles, ATV’s, Personal watercraft and similar vehicles, there are many, many choices that need to be made when purchasing a kart. For example, did you know there are over 100 individual kart chassis’s available world-wide? Did you know there are several dozen engine packages available for each person to choose from? Did you know most racing kart manufactures do not provide a user manual for their chassis? Did you know that a racing kart that is popular in Texas may be almost unknown one state away?

Unlike motorcycles, where by comparison, there are a limited number of choices and at each dealer, you don’t typically build your bike! The salesman looks at your age, size and experience and recommends a couple motorcycles that fit your needs. From there its pretty straight forward. Do I want the Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Ducati or Kawasaki? (I use motorcycles as an example because many customers transition from motocross or sport bikes to karting. Keep the speed, but reduce the injuries being the goal.) By comparison to the hundreds of chassis in karting, motorcycle purchases are quite a bit more straightforward. And don’t forget once you have the chassis brand chosen, then you have to know what stiffness chassis is right for you. But wait, you aren’t done yet…now which engine do you need? Hmm? This is a bit more complicated than buying a kart off Craig’s List or EBay. We know, because many of those Craig’s List/EBay karts end up in our shop with some very unsatisfied owners. That great ‘deal’ on price, soon becomes not so great when they end up with the wrong kart.

So what we provide here at Kartspeed Motorsports, along with new and used racing karts and parts, is somewhere to go for help. Answers to questions and suggestions to what may be the right kart to purchase. What karts are “good?” Which are “bad?” What is the right chassis size for me? Why are there different chassis sizes? Are all the chassis the same; just painted different colors? What is the difference in a low horsepower 4 cycle compared to a 2 cycle TaG? What does TaG mean by the way!? Can I drive a high horsepower shifter kart, or is those only for more skilled drivers? What about the seat size? …If I don’t fit the kart, then what? Every week we receive calls with these questions and more. Thus information is what we offer and what keeps our business growing.


 Want more details?. Just call or email us at the shop!  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or 925-372-7420.

Thank you for visiting our website, we look forward to the opportunity to help you with your Karting needs!

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