Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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CRG Used Kart List-its huge!!!       We promised a lot of new CRG pre-owned karts coming...and we have quite a list.
So to answer the most common question answered...So what do you have coming that fits my karting needs? We have created a short list below.
...Well, OK, its not so short...but that is to our customers advantage!  This is the fastest way we can get the karts on-line (as the individual ads will take quite a bit of time and thus many of these karts will sell before we time to create an individual ad). So please have a look below and let us know what specific questions you have on the particular kart that fits your needs! Obviously this is a 'short list,' so the details are not listed. So please contact us with your questions on condition, pricing, brake systems etc!

We have plenty of low hour 2014 CRG rolling chassis available in cadet through senior chassis sizes, both shifter and non-shifter versions. As always at Kartspeed Motorsports, if you want us to build your pre-owned kart into a complete track ready kart, we have brand new engines available from the shifters, both Honda CR125/CR80 & KZ/ICC through the maze of TaG non-shifter engines (Rotax, Leopard, ROK, Motori, X-30, PRD etc), clones, Briggs Animals, KPV etc. We build them all here! 

New used Inventory on the way! We will be posting over the next several keep an eye on this space!   New Inventory is on the way! We will be posting over the next several keep watch on this space!

*As long as we have a pre-owned seat available in your size (we currently have seats for people 50 through 195lbs!), there is no charge for the seat or installation. We do carry brand new seats in sizes all the way up to XXL for drivers weighing up to 260+ lbs.
Here at Kartspeed we custom build all our karts to meet the customers requirements. Are you a shifter driver, TaG, Clone, or just want something to drive but have no idea where to start? Give us a call!

*All Kartspeed Motorsports Karts come with a custom user manual for the specific kart that is purchased and an assortment of other helpful information for the new owner.

At Kartspeed Motorsports, all our pre-owned karts are inspected for damage including a safety check, crack inspection and all used chassis are put on our laser system to ensure a straight and true racing chassis. So while the kart may be older, it will perform reliably and safely.

*We ship karts both Nationally and Internationally. Call us for a shipping quote. Are shipping rates are some of the lowest available due to the high volume of new and used karts we deliver to all parts of the world. Checkout the shipping details by clicking on the button on the home page.
*2014 CRGs in stock! All models from Kid Kart through KZ Shifters! Complete packages or rolling chassis.

Reservations for Supernational 2015 CRG Karts!   Now taking reservations for Supernational 2015 CRG Karts! 
125 Stock Moto's, KZ's TaG's and Junior chassis

Its that time again! We are offering the  first 2015 CRG's, directly after the Las Vegas Supernationals!
There are a limited number of these chassis available, so don't wait to contact us. Each year we sell out well before the race weekend even takes place. So please contact us to lock in your reservation now.
For those of you that are new to this, what are we talking about? Each year the SKUSA Sanctioning Body holds a sprint kart race in Las Vegas called the Supernationals. This race attracts the top teams from around the the world. This race has become the 'who's-who' of international karting for both drivers and teams!

What kind of karts can you reserve? CRG will be arriving with a couple models of their awesome line up! The shifter classes (Both KZ2 and Honda CR125) will be on the Road Rebel KZ and Black Star KZ chassis.  The non-shifter classes will be running the CRG Black Star and Road Rebel for the TaG Senior classes such as Leopard, Motori, Rotax FR125, X-30 and Vortex. 

We have attached photos of some of the one event karts and winning CRG factory drivers from previous years events. 
CRG's are great karts to begin with, but to have the chance to own one of these factory rides is a step above. These karts will be the very first of the 2015 CRG's arriving in America, so not only can you save a few dollars over the cost of brand new, you also get to be the first one on your block with a 2015 CRG!

Reservations required!-Do not wait for the race weekend to buy...these karts will not be available!
These karts and engines are sold on a first come/first served basis. We have just over a dozen chassis available. Each year we sell all the chassis well before the race event even takes place. If you think one of these karts is for you, please don't wait. 
To reserve one of these one event karts, we require a 50% deposit to hold the kart, and the final 50% before the kart ships to you. We are offering both rolling chassis (no engine package) and complete track ready karts. You can have one of the engines from the event (Swedetech built Stock motos) or we can fit any other engine of your choice before the kart is shipped to you. These rolling chassis will be sold in the same state as a new CRG Kart pulled from the new kart box! So a rolling chassis comes with everything except engine package. We will still fit a seat to fit the new owner and good used MG Racing Tires, both at no additional expense!
What if a kart is damaged during the racing?
All the karts will be inspected directly after the race. This means putting the kart on a frame table to ensure the chassis is true and there is no damage. Karts will then be inspected for any other damage. Any karts with frame damage will not be offered for sale. Any bodywork with significant damage will be replaced. Once we have the karts back in our shop, each will be finished per customer order. For some customers that means we are  building complete karts with engines, other customers will buy the rolling chassis only, still others will be buying one event engines only. So each kart will be fitted according to its new owner, including a seat to fit each customers dimensions.

The pricing for the karts is listed below.
$4,600 for a 2015 CRG Road Rebel and Black Star Shifter rollers: VEN05 Steel brake system, CRG Factory Graphics, NA2 Bodywork in Black, Flat top and bottom carbon look steering wheel, magnesium wheels, MG SK tires from the event, and a seat to fit the new owner (this only applies to karts shipped from our shop. If you choose to pick up the kart at the event, it comes with the seat installed). If you prefer ceramic brakes, we will have a few sets available (again, sold on a first come, first served basis). The Ceramic Shifter Rollers will be sold for $5,300.
$3,800 for the 2015 CRG Non Shifter rollers (Road Rebel, Blackstar and LH rolling chassis): VEN05 steel brake system, CRG Factory Graphics, Carbon look steering wheel, magnesium wheels, MG SK tires, and a seat to fit the new owner. (this only applies to karts shipped from our shop. If you choose to pick up the kart at the event, it comes with the seat installed). 
One Event 2015 Hero 900, 950, 1010 rollers will be sold for $2,600.00

What are the SKUSA Supernationals anyway, and when is the race?
Each year in November, SKUSA sanctioning body holds a race in the streets of Las Vegas. For the last several years, the event has been held at the Rio Hotel. Drivers and race teams from around the world attend this CIK approved event. Each year the event grows in participation and popularity. The classes are set by SKUSA and include two 125cc Shifter Kart classes. The headline KZ2 class, where dedicated shifter kart racing drivers from around the world battle each other using the international125cc gearbox engines, referred to as a KZ. These engines develop over 50hp. This is the Formula One of karting.
*Next are the highly popular Honda CR125 shifter classes. S-1 denotes the professional level drivers, S-2 are the semi-pro's, S-4 are the masters class and S-5 are the junior class (with restricted horsepower). The "stock moto class," as its come to be called, has grown since its inception in late 2004, due to low cost maintenance and high reliability of the 38hp Honda CR125s. Unlike the KZ Engines, there are no internal modifications allowed to the engine, so the durability stays high as the engines are very close to the original motocross engines produced by Honda.
*Next there are the non-shifter 125cc classes with a wide variety of manufacturers. Names like Rotax, Iame Parilla, X-30, Motori and Vortex will be seen all throughout the senior and masters classes.
*Finally there are junior classes running both in a lower horsepower version of the Honda CR125 shifter engine (S5) , as well as non-shifter engines, also with restricted horsepower. Again, names like Parilla Leopard Jr and Rotax Jr, and Comer will be seen throughout the grids.  Each class has practice sessions, qualifying sessions, two heat races and then the main events!
The most common question we receive is how much time do the chassis end up with? 1.5-2.5 hrs has been the average time per chassis. Obviously some days run long, which can mean track time is reduced in each many karts do run closer to the 1.5hr mark...but the average is always the same, year over year.

*Shipping is not included in the pricing. Due to the volume of karts we ship during regular business, typical coast-to-coast shipping rates are $320.00 per kart. For specific shipping quotes, please contact us. International Shipping available as well. 

Can I pick up my kart at the event?
We will allow event pick up as long, as the customer alerts us before the event and the kart is paid in full one week before the race. As the busy Supernationals race weekend comes to a close, all the teams are busy inspecting the racing karts as they come off the track after each main event, packing and loading the karts in to the trailers. These are big teams with lots of drivers, karts, engines and equipment. So time is very, very limited. Thus we request all payments to be made a minimum of one week before the event as we will not be processing any transactions at the track. Please note that if you do arrange for a track-side pickup, the kart will be fitted with the seat that the driver used for the race, There will be no time to re-fit seats at the track and we won't have room to bring all our kart seats to the event for individual sizing. All karts shipped from our shop will receive a seat to fit the new owner before shipping. 


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*Kartspeed Motorsports adds a new twist to buying a spring racing kart. Selection and budget matching! You can choose one of our brand new 2013 CRG's, direct from the factory in Italy, or if your budget wants to kart, but just not a brand new kart, you can choose from our pre-owned kart selection. 

What’s new for Kartspeed Motorsports in 2013?
This year we have expanded our inventory even more than in years prior. We are growing our inventory even more!!
We already house one of the largest inventories of new and used sprint racing karts in the country (typically over 40 karts for sale at any one time!), but this year we plan to grow that number even more. More inventory means more selection and more selection means we can fit the right kart to the customer. So rather than only a couple new karts sitting in the showroom, we have dozens and dozens. 
For the customers looking for brand new, we carry a complete line of CRG racing karts. That is quite a line up! Many Spring Kart Racing Manufacturers offer only a few types of chassis. Some manufacturers offer only one! This means you have to fit your engine package, driver size and track conditions requirements into only a couple of chassis choices. Will that be the best for you? Maybe.
But maybe not. CRG currently offers over 20 different chassis models and sizes to fit the wide variety of conditions we all face each race weekend.

*We work closely with CRG to keep the largest supply of pre-owned CRG racing karts available. This means we often have one or two event national level karts available for our customers. Sprint kart racing at the top level is like any other professional sport. The factory drivers typically receive a brand new kart for each National race weekend. That means after the weekend, these karts are checked over and once given a clean "bill of health," they are made available to the public. How cool is it to drive a kart that Jos Verstappen just won with? Fritz Leesman is a factory CRG driver here in the if you get lucky, you may just be able to buy one of his karts! ...but only if you call Kartspeed Motorsports!

Things have changed for us here in the shop....a lot more business than last year, so we continue to ask customers to call or email us with your specific kart needs. The amount of karts passing through our shop has quadrupled over the last 12 months, so often the website just cannot keep up with the karts coming and going. Its always best to contact us before you we may just have the perfect kart for you, but not yet advertised.

*Looking for a used kart? We typically carry over 40 pre-owned karts, all ready to go!
*We carry brand new as well as pre-owned Sprint Racing Karts, both with and without engines.
*We offer complete kart care mechanical service from repairs to brand new builds.
*We race what we sell. Need some help with the driver or figuring out that exit grip problem? We offer a driver coaching program and trackside tuning for our racing customers.
*Continuing on from last year, we have brand new CRG Rotax Karts available for driver rental, coaching or arrive-n-drive race weekend events (both national race events and local race weekends).

Kartspeed sells some of the fastest and cleanest pre-owned karts available anywhere. Just ask our customers! Our goal is to get the right kart to the right customer. 
Whether you need the newest KZ or KF engine package, a Honda 125 or 80 shifter, one of the many TaG format engines such as Rotax, Leopard, Vortex, Mortori, PRD etc, we can build the kart that YOU want. All our pre-owned turnkey karts come with custom fitted seats, complete data sheets and un-matched customer support. Our goal is to educate new customers so they make the right purchase, the first time. Sprint Racing karts are complex and the options are plentiful, so mistakes are easy to make for people new to the sport. Don't be caught out, call us for help before you end up with a kart that doesn't match your needs.

Looking for that brand new kart smell? We have brand new Sprint Racing Karts ready to go. We stock CRG,  Racing Karts along with all the parts to keep them on track.  From Kid Karts all the way up to the 125 Shifters, just tell us what you need and we can build a kart to fit your requirements.

We are positioned to help both the "newbie" as well as the experienced racing veteran. Our goal is to provide our customers with the information they need to make the best decision for them. 

Our pre-owned inventory is changing constantly to provide the widest selection so stay tuned to this site for updates. We try to keep our entire inventory on-line for fast and convenient customer service, but feel free to contact us if you don't see what you need.

In town? Visit our 2,000 sq foot shop located 35min east of San Francisco in the East Bay. It is packed with new and pre-owned Sprint Racing Karts! Our shop phone and address are located in the 'contact us' section of our website.

 Want more details?. Just call or email us at the shop!  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or 925-372-7420.

Thank you for visiting our website, we look forward to the opportunity to help you with your Karting needs!

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