Kartspeed Tech -What is an Aluminos Chassis anyway?

  So what is Aluminos? Aluminos is a Kart Racing Team located in Sonoma, California. For many years Aluminos has offered one of the premier arrive-n-drive race programs running exclusively as the American GP Racing Kart Distributor. 
Fast forward to September 2013 and Aluminos decided to put its years of racing and winning into their own kart line. Aluminos designed a chassis and partnered with GP and CRG to have them build the new Aluminos designed racing kart. So all the components are the top of the line CRG factory pieces which translates into a kart with easy to find replacement parts.
 The karts are distributed from Sonoma California and the Aluminos Race Team can be found at most all the SKUSA Pro Tour and Pro Kart Challenge Race weekends!