Saturday, July 20, 2019
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2013 Aluminos 125 Shifter Kart


2013 Aluminos 125 Shifter Kart-Owned by Memo Gidley!-SOLD! Sorry, this kart has found a new home. If you are looking for a 125 shifter, please contact us for current selection. 09.28.16


*This is a bit of a special kart, owned and driven by Rolex Sports Car professional driver, Memo Gidley!

 Chassis Type: 2013 Aluminos 125 Shifter Kart. This kart has approximately one season of track time. 
Engine: Honda CR125 "Stock Moto". This engine has the 6 speed gearbox, 99 cylinder, GFS fuel System, RLV R4 pipe, and Martin M-4 Silencer. This kart comes with the high Quality KG
 Pentagon Radiator...over $1,000 brand new, this is a value-ad to this used shifter kart.. Less than 10 hours on the Swedetech built engine package!

SEAT: Remember, when you buy a new or used kart, the seat has to fit you! Kart seats start with Kid XS and range all the way to Adult XXXL(50lbs through 260lbs!). So don't be caught out. All Kartspeed Motorsports come with fiberglass seats sized to fit as long as you are between size kid XS and Adult Large! Want a custom seat? We are a dealer for Tillet, IMAF and KG Racing Seats.

Data: We are a MyChron Dealer so let us know what you need! MyChron 5, GPS, Ebox, Steering wheel...we have it all!
Steering Wheel: Flat top and bottom Steering Wheel.
Axle Size: Aluminos black oxide 50mm axle.
Brakes: VEN05 Ceramic Brake System
Wheels:  Magnesium factory CRG Wheels
Price:  $4,995.00 OBO

2013 Aluminos 125cc Shifter Kart
This is a great kart for any of our shifter pilot customers. New enough to be competitive, old enough to be inexpensive ($14K for this package new!) this kart has a lot of options. Fun track day kart or great regional or club shifter race kart. Plus the new owner gets a bit of history with the previous owner being Memo Gidley!
The chassis is straight and in great shape, The engine is low time. Pus this kart has the Ceramic version of the brakes and while the rear rotor shows quite a bit of "curb rash" its fully functional....not cracked and while not "pretty" the rotor functions just fine. Other than that, the kart is clean and ready for racing or more track time!

*We ship karts both Nationally and Internationally. Call us for a shipping quote. Are shipping rates are some of the lowest available due to the high volume of new and used karts we deliver to all parts of the world. Checkout the shipping details by clicking on the button on the home page.

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CHASSIS SPECS for the 2013 Aluminos
TUBE DIAMETER           -32mm Diameter Tubing
REAR AXLE                     - 50mm Axle
WIDTH-REAR                  -650mm
WIDTH-FRONT               -715mm
HUBS-FRONT & REAR   -Magnesium front and rear
GEOMETRY                    -Sniper Camber and Castor System for individual castor and camber adjustments
RIDE HEIGHT                 -Adjustable Ride Height in Front and Rear
WHEELS                           -Magnesium Wheels (210mm rear/130mm Front)
BRAKE SYSTEM             -VEN05 Brake System. The  VEN05  Brake System comes standard with fully floating front and rear steel rotors. Ceramic System on this kart.
STEERING WHEEL         -Flat top and bottom Suede look Steering Wheel complete with Embroidered Aluminos Logo
SEAT                                -Fiberglass Racing Seat-Unpadded standard sizes available #1 through #7
FUEL TANK                    -8.5 litre
GRAPHICS                      -Memo Gidleys own graphic kit complete with Muscle Milk Sponsor graphics.
BODYWORK                   -New Age 2 in Black. This is CIK approved bodywork: