Friday, April 25, 2014
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Rotax Karts

2013 CRG Dark Rider Evo Rotax DD2

Chassis Type: 2013 CRG Dark Rider DD2-Track ready.-SOLD! Sorry this kart is no longer available, but we have a lot new pre-owned shifter inventory on the way to the shop so contact us if you are lookng for something you don't see on our website.
This is Rotax's 125 shifter kart! The Rotax DD2 is a 125cc, water cooled, gear driven, two stroke engine with a 2 speed gearbox developling approximately 33hp. The coolest part of the DD2, besides the reliability of the engine, is the F-1 style paddle shifter. New for 2012 sees a drilled aluminum pull style paddle leaving behind the thumb-push silver plastic paddles that was part of this package since the first design.
Seat: All Kartspeed Motorsports come with fiberglass seats sized to fit as long as you are between size kid XS and Adult Large! Want a custom seat? We stock both Tillet, IMAF and KG Racing Seats. No-pad, 1/4-pad and fully padded versions are available.
Steering Wheel: Carbon Look flat top and bottom Steering Wheel
Axle Size: All DD2's come with a 40mm axle standard, due to the Rotax designed DD2 engine configuration.
Brakes: CRGs awesome VEN05 steel disc brake system. Fully floating front and rear rotors.
Wheels: CRG Magnesium. Good used racing slicks come with all Kartspeed Karts.

Price: $8,295.00 OBO

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Trackmagic Rotax TaG

Chassis Type: 2003 TrackMagic Dragon. 30mm.
Back in the day, these Dragon chassis were great little karts. We raced them as either 80 shifters or with some version of a 100cc or TaG engine. Today it just offers great value! Chassis is straight and in nice shape!
Engine Type: Rotax FR125. Engine is sealed and ready for the race track. Approx 4 hrs on engine.
Pipe: Spec Rotax
Silencer: Spec Rotax
Seat: All our pre-owned karts come with fiberglass seats sized to fit. Inquire for sizing, seat manufacturer and availability details.
Axle Size: Trackmagic 40mm medium
Brakes: Trackmagics typically came with the Brembo Brake System. Before the modern era brakes were developed, these were really great units. Consistent, self adjusting and low drag...definitely head and shoulders above many of the other brake systems of this era. Rotor and pads in good condition.
Wheels: Douglas Aluminum-Polished
Tires: All pre-owned karts come with good used MG,  Bridgestone or Mojo (for our Rotax customers) racing slicks.
Bodywork: Breadbox Black Bodywork was standard with this kart when new.
Special Features: 
A clean, older chassis like this offers a great entry into the sport. The Rotax engine is one of the most reliable TaG units available averaging over 50hrs between complete rebuilds and the older Track Magic chassis keeps this package at a very reasonable price.

Price: $2,995.00 OBO.

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Ask about availability of 125 and 80 shifter engines as well as 125cc TaG engine package