Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Help with Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions

With all the customer calls and emails, a lot of questions stand out as "the most common." We thought we would post a couple of them with our response to help our customers.

Photo: Max Verstappen rolls his 125 shifter kart into his KZ2 Pole Position at the 2012 Supernationals. After the event, Kartspeed sold this kart to a very lucky owner!
Why do you have so many karts for sale without engines?
This is a great question. After years of building so many new and used sprint racing karts, we learned a few lessons. Some we learned the hard way, like this one!
We used to build as many used karts as we could into complete track ready karts. This quickly became a waste of time! Why? Sprint Kart racing is a world with a lot of engine and chassis options. Some would say way, way too many options. We often ended up building a kart into a complete track ready racer, only to have to dis-assemble some or all of it to fit what a customer wanted. Maybe a different engine, certainly a different seat (to fit the customers sizing), different wheels, gearing changes, brake changes....etc. What we found: Just as we do with all our brand new CRG kart builds, we needed to custom build each kart to fit what our customers require. We then are able to match engine, chassis and budget requirements to fit each person. This makes us stand out from typical used kart purchases where its "take-it-or-leave-it," with no choice as to engine size, chassis stiffness, gearing, brake type or seat size! So we list some of our 50+ rolling chassis to provide a list of where we can "start the build." Or for others with engines already to go, we can sell just the rolling chassis to fit your needs, whether brand new or used. So w
e can build each kart into a complete track ready shifter or non-shifter kart . Final cost will depend on which engine package you or used and gearbox or non-shifter. The nice part of purchasing any of our available rolling chassis is that you get to build the kart completely to your specification. So the make, model and condition of the engine, brand and size of the radiator and all the smaller items are all custom fit to the new owner.

Speaking of choices; sprint kart racing seems a bit complex. I just want a kart, but what should I buy? Are their 'bad' karts out there? The web just isn't helping me. 
This is probably the number one question  we receive here on a weekly basis. The good news? We agree with you! Sprint karting is complex...there are a crazy amount of choices to make whether you are just looking for an older  inexpensive "fun-day" kart for you and your family, or a full-on national level competitive race package. Best thing to do is call us. These types of questions take some time, so in this case, an email is really not going to be efficient. We will go over things like your plans for the kart (racing, testing, practice between 'big car' race events, or family fun/open track days), your budget and where you live. Give us a ring at the shop. We are happy to help you with your questions and will certainly offer suggestions if you need some direction!

Can you ship the kart to me?
We ship worldwide, so complete track ready kart shipping is something we do weekly here at Kartspeed Motorsports. With over 300 karts shipped last year alone, we have a little bit of experience. So whether you are relatively close to our California Shop, like the east coast, or a bit further, like Australia or Singapore, we have a kart shipping box ready for you!

What is wrong with these "one race" old karts? I mean, something must be wrong with it if the previous owner sold it after one race, right?
Wrong! The reason Kartspeed is able to sell customers great, almost brand new karts at a great price is simple: Professional drivers! Without them, these one race sweethearts would be few and far between. Top level, factory CRG racing drivers get a couple brand new karts for each National Race Event they attend. Nice gig eh?! Kart Racing typically does not offer a lot of money in terms of salary, but some of the perks are things like a free chassis. Free, at least for that race. But after the race, the factory boxes up those same karts and we get to buy them for you, the Kartspeed Motorsports customer!
The bad news? There are relatively few professional level races each year (compared to the weekly or monthly club level kart races held around the country)
 and most are "double headers." So technically two race events occur over just one Saturday/Sunday time frame. This makes for a low number of these one-event karts available each race season.

OK, so you have one race karts, but these pro drivers must beat them into submission, right?
Hmm??? Again, a good question, just not one thought through very well. So we are selling RACING Karts here. As far as we know, racing karts are raced, not taken out for a "Sunday Drive." If we followed this question to logical conclusion, the pro drivers somehow abuse their karts more then all the other racers out there. So the rest of us must somehow plan to just have a nice "Sunday drive," take it easy, lounge around the race track, but that guy in front, he really abuses his. Does that make sense to you? Does Nico Rosberg somehow beat his Mercedes F-1 more than Valtteri Bottas? Does your local kart racer or even SCCA club racer not give each race everything he has? Each race kart driver pushes his kart to the maximum. If we see anything in our shop, the novice often puts his kart through more 'abuse' due to driver errors (going off track) and not understanding the engine package well enough to make power through proper jetting, without damage. 

I understand kart seats are not adjustable, so what if the seat doesn't fit me?
This is one more way Kartspeed Karts stand out. We fit each kart match the new owners bodysize. We match your height, weight and waist to the kart with the seat sizing, the steering column and foot pedal adjustments. We keep a large selection of good used fiberglass racing seats available just for this reason. We always have seats available from drivers as tiny as 50lbs (our kid karts) all the way to adults up to 190lbs (size large). Need a larger seat than that? No problem! We have brand new seats in stock for larger drivers all the way up to 285lbs! Just let us know when you contact us.

And remember....
At Kartspeed Motorsports, all our pre-owned karts are inspected for damage including a safety check, crack inspection and all used chassis are put on our laser system to ensure a straight and true racing chassis. So while the kart may be older, it will perform reliably and safely.

*We ship karts both Nationally and Internationally. Call us for a shipping quote. Are shipping rates are some of the lowest available due to the high volume of new and used karts we deliver to all parts of the world. Checkout the shipping details by clicking on the button on the home page.
*2014 CRGs in stock! All models from Kid Kart through KZ Shifters! Complete packages or rolling chassis.