Thursday, November 15, 2018
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2018-One event karts are down to the last couple Shifters and non-shifters. Don't wait to contact us if you want a one race Tony Kart!

2018 Las Vegas ROK Cup Nationals Time Again!
11.02.18-Update-We sold all of the original batch of Nationals Tony Karts BUT Kartspeed was able to purchase a couple addtional Tony Kart 401s Single Speed (Tag) karts and two Tony Kart 401s Shifter karts (due to a few last minute race entries, not our mastery of finding karts!). So if any of you were on the fence, it would be a good time to contact us as the race is only 2 weeks away!

That means one race old karts will be available starting right now!
Each year Kartspeed sells one race new go karts after the year end National Events in Las Vegas.
...and each year we sell all the karts before the race even happens, so don't wait to contact us with your questions. 

This year we will have 12 one event OTK Karts available.
These will all be 2018 401 OK Single Speed karts and a couple shifters- available with or without Engines.

Prices as follows:
2018 OTK Rolling Chassis Only (no engine): $3500.00
2018 OTK Complete kart with either Vortex ROK GP $5,800.00 or Iame X-30 $6,200.
2018 OTK KZ 125 Shifter Chassis Only $4,100.00
2018 OTK KZ Shifter with 125 Vortex ROK GP $7,500
-Compare these prices to brand new...yes, its time to think about a one event kart!
How to I reserve one or more of these karts? When do I receive my kart? 
Just click the 'read more' link below for details
Updated 10.02.18

A 50% deposit gaurantees you one of these low time racing karts. As a small business that ships these karts worldwide, we take most all forms of payment. Debit and Credit Cards including AMEX, Paypal, wire transfer, check or cash.

-Most commonly asked question-
When I do I get my kart!!??

The final national race in the Las Vegas ends on Sunday November 18th. Karts are then brought back to our shop for thorough inspection of both chassis and engine, custom fitment of each kart to each owner, then boxing and shipping!
Shipment is done in accordance with date of deposit. So the first person who places a deposit, is first in line for us to custom build and ship their kart...and so down the line it goes. One more reason not to wait!

More on the Karts from Las Vegas
What I am getting? How is the kart equipped?
2018 Las Vegas Nationals Karts
All karts will be all Factory OTK...front to back. They come with torsion bars and a set of used racing slicks *PLUS a seat to fit the new owner. We have seats available for drivers up to 180lbs. Larger than that? Don't worry, for a few more dollars we can get you into an XL, XXL, or XXXL seat! We do this all the time. We custom build each kart for each owner!
The engines will all be Vortex ROK Cup Legal or Iame X-30 Legal racing engines.
There are plenty of other possibilites in addition to those listed above...other engine packages ( Honda CR125's, Iame Super Shifter, Rotax, FR125, Leopards etc), other coolling systems (you may live in a hotter climate like Texas, Florida or ??) other ways to personalize your kart etc, so if you need help just call or email us. 
Part of our business is trackside race support so if you don't hear back right away, we are typically at the track. So don't worry, we will contact you asap.

We can build any of our brand new OTK karts into complete track ready karts (with engine of your choice) or we can assemble the roller only. Specific pricing depends on which options you choose. Just contact us with any questions.
If we build the kart, along with basic assembly, Kartspeed sets the chassis up in our baseline race setting including front end geometry (castor, camber and toe), seat position to match driver, engine and tire compound, ride height, foot pedal and steering position.

-Kartspeed Motorsports Tech-
OTK gives you a choice in color. What is the difference in the FA Victory, Tony 401s, Exprit Noesis and Kosmic Mercury Karts? Color only. All the karts are identical, from the Mini-Kid through the KZ shifters...just pick which color you want. Not sure which one is for you...we included each color combination in this year's photo gallery to help!

OTK, the manufacturer, builds the Tony Kart, FA Kart, Exprit and Kosmic side by side. All these chassis are identical in every way! The customer can choose a color combination they like, which is not common in karting. Most often, the factory chooses a frame color and graphics package and that is it! No choices! So if you like Spanish national colors, buy an FA kart. Like green and white, buy the Tony. Prefer purple, white and silver? Buy the Kosmic. Like orange, blue, white and yellow? Buy the Exprit! Choices are nice and with OTK, the customer gets to choose!

Here at Kartspeed we custom build all our karts to meet the customer's requirements. Are you a shifter driver, TaG, Clone, or just want something to drive but have no idea where to start? Give us a call!

At Kartspeed we fit a seat to match each customers size (even for are XXXL drivers!). We create a custom manual for each kart with all the important items, as well as a short video of the kart running here in our shop before we box it up for shipping or ready it for customer pick up.

*We ship karts both Nationally and Internationally. Call us for a shipping quote. Are shipping rates are some of the lowest available due to the high volume of new and used karts we deliver to all parts of the world. Checkout the shipping details by clicking on the button on the home page.
*2018 OTK Karts are in stock. Do check with us for specific colors as not all colors are available all the time due to the build cycles at the factory. All models from Mini-Kid Kart through KZ Shifters! Complete packages or rolling chassis.