Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Cadet & Kid Karts

2009 Birel Cadet Racing Kart

2009 Birel Cadet Kart
Chassis Type: 2009 Birel Cadet/Mini
Chassis:   28mm chassis with at 950mm wheelbase. A Cadet (also called a Mini) is meant for kids approx 8-12yrs old. 
We have brand new junior racing engines ready to fit! Please inquire for selection and pricing. 
Seat: We carry good used Fiberglass seats sized to fit for all our pre-owned karts!
Rear Axle Size:  Factory Birel 30mm axle.
Spindles: 14mm front spindles

 Birel factor hydraulic rear brake system
Fuel Tank: 4 liter
Wheels: Spindle mount Douglas aluminum front wheels and hub mount Douglas aluminum rear wheels
Rear Hubs: 30mm x 50mm

Tires: Are used karts come with good used racing slicks at no charge!
Bodywork:  Free line bodywork with factory Birel graphics package
Special Features: Great starter racing kart for your 8-12 year old.
Price: $1,000 OBO
...or we can sell as complete with a brand new Briggs & Stratton Lo206 junior engine package for $1,995.00! We also have used Rotax Mini max engines available!

2009 Birel Cadet/Mini
This is a great starter race kart for your son or daughter. If you need an engine package, we can build this into a complete track ready kart built to your specifications. Please contact us for pricing specific to your needs!

Prefer brand new? Check out our brand new 2015 Birel Cadet Kart under the new kart section of our website!

Karts come in three sizes, small (baby/kid kart), medium (Cadet, Mini) and large (Senior) for the adults. This kart fits the middle size category and is meant for 8-12yr old.  Since there is no 'one' engine that is fit to all the karts, please inquire before you purchase. Ending up with the wrong engine package will not make you happy! 
Of course due to kids wide variety of growth in this age group, call us to find out which kart will properly fit your child. In general, a cadet (referred to as a 'Mini' outside the U.S.), is meant for kids 8-12yrs old.
In the junior racing categories, there are a wide variety of engine packages available. Please ask us before you buy! Unlike motocross or some other junior motorsports, Karting does not have a set of engine classes that run regardless of where you live. So before you buy its important to find out which engine is right for your area. Contact us to find out which engine package is best for your specific kart sanctioning body, track and region/country. 

*We ship karts both Nationally and Internationally. Call us for a shipping quote. Are shipping rates are some of the lowest available due to the high volume of new and used karts we deliver to all parts of the world. Checkout the shipping details by clicking on the Shipping button on the home page.


2001 Track Magic HPV-1

2001 Track Magic HPV-1
CHASSIS: 2001 Track Magic (30mm). This is the Dragon model chassis
ENGINE: HPV1 (for more information on the age requirements and engine please see below)
DATA SYSTEM:  Kart comes with an Alfano Data Analysis System
SEAT: All Kartspeed Motorsports come with fiberglass seats sized to fit as long as you are between size kid XS and Adult Large! Want a custom seat? We are a dealer for Tillet, IMAF and KG Racing Seats.
AXLE SIZE: 1 1/4" Trackmagic Factory Axle
BRAKES: Factory Trackmagic Brembo Brake Sytem
WHEELS: Douglas Aluminum which came stock when this kart was new.
BODYWORK: Cadet box pod bodywork. Yellow.
SPECIAL FEATURES: Karts like this are great to 'test-out' your child's interest in karting. As we all know a lot of kids try something for a short time only to put it aside and move on to the next fun thing. But for the parents, that can get expensive! Thus a kart like this provides the ability to spend a little and try the sport. We have a full line of brand new karts if running up front with the competition becomes the goal!
Price: $1,095.00 OBO

Read more: 2001 Track Magic HPV-1


Sales Information

Email or call 925-372-7420 if you more photos or details.
Kartspeed Motorsports is located in Northern CA. Shipping is possible anywhere in U.S.

Well sell new and used GP’s so call us with your requirements. We have the best prices on New GPs in the U.S.!

Ask about availability of 125 and 80 shifter engines as well as 125cc TaG engine package